Grabbing a cap is the easiest way to travel on the Maltese islands. There is plenty to choose from nowadays, from an eco-green taxi to a traditional horse carriage ride (not suggested if you are an animal lover). Of course be aware you pay the right price for the ride. Most of the taxi companies offer use of their apps so this will be ok.


With 349,386 licensed vehicles in Malta you can say that the roads can be a bit crowded from time to time. However it is still the best way to commute if you need to cross the island and wanna be independent.


If you wanna be sure to find a parking spot everywhere you go, especially if you live in the busiest area in malta, you should definitely go for a scooter. Especially in summer time it tend to be really difficult to find a spot for your car at the populair beaches, so this could be a good idea to avoid this hassle and a great way to explore the island. With Malta’s first green motorbike sharing service launched you don’t have to buy a scooter but simply rent one at your convenience.

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Bus card

For many not the preferred way to travel on the island but definitely an option if you don’t like driving yourself and a taxi is not in your pay rate (yet). Different cards and fares are available for ChildrenStudentsAdultsKartanzjan HoldersSpecial ID Card Holders and Gozo Residents.


Since the app to rent a bike was introduced to Malta the amount of cyclist has increased a lot. But is most definitely not the preferred way to move around the island for the Locals so likely you will see only tourist or expats using this form of transportation.


As Malta is surrounded by water it is a logic choice to use the sea as a highway ones in a while. There are few options to choose from depending on your destination: Ferry, Taxi boat or the traditional Maltese taxi boat called ‘dghajsa’.

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