Malta living

Apart from great benefits offered by companies, Malta has more to offer. Here you can find some of the facilities you’d need while living in Malta.

Apart from great benefits offered by companies, Malta has more to offer. Here you can find some of the facilities you’d need while living in Malta.


Enjoying the island’s life with all it’s restaurants and events? It is never a bad time to shed off the extra weight or just to get fit and remain in top condition. Being in good shape ensures that a person always remains healthy and is able to perform his or her day to day activities with ease. For high quality exercise to be achieved, one has to have access to the right exercising facilities.

The people of Malta are well endowed with working out facilities in their gyms. One of the best gyms that is found on the island is the Ta’ Qali Fitness Centre. The gyms is quite popular around the island because of the amount of space at the disposal of the customers. It is the largest gym on the Island as compared to the other gyms. The other factor that makes it stand out is the fact that the gym is open 24 hours a day. The members of the gym are also free to use their membership cards at other fitness centers such as 24/7 Fitness club in Mellieha. The Livingwell Health Club is one of a kind luxurious gyms. The gym is mainly located in the 5 star Hotels. One of the common Living well Health Club gyms is located in the Hilton hotel and it is fully air-conditioned. The gyms is located in St. Julians.

The reflex gym is also another gym that is ideal for anyone that is visiting Malta. The gym acts like a complete health center where a person has access to the gym and can then proceed to the spa after a session of working out. The gym is located at Radisson Blu – St. Julians. The challenger gym is another popular gym on the island. The gym is quite popular due to its cheap rates as compared to the other gyms. The locals of the island prefer to use this gym due to its availability since it has four branches on the island. The four branches are located in Valletta, Qormi, Cottenera, and in Paceville.

Corinthia gym is a 5 star hotel fitness center. The gym is one of the most famous gyms on the island and is located at the center of Malta in Attard. The gym is quite expensive as compared to the other gyms but it proves to be worth it because it provides value for your money. The gyms gives access to facilities such as the use of a spa, tennis court and also other luxurious facilities after undertaking a session of working out.

Spa's in Malta

Spa treatment has been around for decades and is a very popular activity in most parts of the world. These treatments include massages, facials, nail salons and body wraps. Most spas are opened in conjunction with salons that offer services such as haircuts, coloring and makeup. Spas have a menu that indicates all of the various services that they offer. A visit to the spa can be beneficial in that it helps in the management of stress levels and detoxing of the body. Spa treatment also helps in the improvement of blood circulation and the raising of self-esteem.

When visiting Malta, you are assured of the best quality spas at any given time. One of the best spas in Malta is the Apollo Day Spa. It has a wide selection of relaxation and beauty therapies as well as a gym, sauna, swimming pool and a whirlpool. The spa offers a session known as ‘Pure Escape’ which is a reflex session that is coupled with a Chinese massage to restore the well-being of your body as well as that of your brain. The ‘Mini Spa Journey’ is also offered in the spa that include facial as well as a back, neck and shoulder massage for individuals that are in a rush.

The Aquamarine spa is the perfect spa for you when you feel low on energy and need to feel rejuvenated. The spa offers a heated indoor pool as well as a sauna and a steam room. Once you have paid for the services, you can enter the facilities offered by the spa for as many times as you wish on any given day. The steam room has the perfect humidity and relaxing music to make sure that you enjoy the resting state. After you are done with the sauna, then you can proceed to the massage which is charged at a small basis fee so that you can feel revitalized.

For lovers of luxury, the Charisma spa and wellness center is the pick for you. They offer their services at the major 5 star hotels in the country. The staff are trained in all the latest wellness and spa treatment technique so that they can maintain their expertise to the highest level possible. The treatment in this spa is usually customer oriented and the client can tailor make his or her own regime that will perfectly suite them.


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Spa’s in Malta:

  • International Massage Centre Saint Julian’s
  • Thai Sawadee Spa Sliema
  • Marion Mizzi Wellbeing – Maritim
  • Siam Wellness Centre Saint Julian’s
  • Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Sliema
  • Roy Thai Specialist Massage & Beauty Center Mellieha
  • Carisma Spa & Wellness International Saint Julian’s
  • Pearl Spas – db San Antonio Hotel Qawra


Yoga has become an integral part of our day to day lives due to the constant chatter about it either from your colleagues or from your spouse or even your friends. A career in iGaming can be stressful, and Yoga is a good get-away.The constant chatter has made many people enroll for yoga classes so that they can release their inner selves. At Malta, tourists can feel safe because there are a number of yoga classes all across the island for them to undertake. One of the yoga classes is found in Zebbug and is known as Rayoga Malta. The classes are said to be safe and non-competitive. These classes would be highly advisable for the people that are pursuing yoga at a newbie level and are anxious about starting the whole exercise. The classes normally incorporates breathing and relaxation techniques as well as basic yoga postures.

Sanya is another yoga class that is located in Naxxar on the island. The place offers classes for both beginners as well as for yoga-pros. The place would be ideal for most people because after you become a pro, you do not have to look for another yoga class to advance your yoga techniques. Sanya is also an eco-spa which means you can also engage in a number of other healthy activities to your class.

LahLah yoga is a type of a mobile yoga class that brings the class to you at any place. The class is tailor made to ensure that the individual attains his or her own varying yoga goals. The biggest advantage with this type of class is that there will be no anxiety related to the level of performance since the goals are tailor made to suite your needs. Beach FitYoga is a yoga class that mainly concentrates on the intense part of yoga. The class incorporates meditation, yoga and pilates in an open surrounding. The classes normally occur anywhere around the beaches of Malta. They are 90 minute classes that occur on a regular basis.


When in Malta, Medasia Playa in Sliema is an ideal pool to head out to during the day. The pool is either paid on a full day basis or on a half day basis. The food and drinks offered at the pool are of the highest quality. The pool has a very beautiful surrounding and you can be always assured of fun. The pool is situated just next to the sea and there is a very beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are two pools and a restaurant. The drinking area is fitted with sofas and fans to ensure that the conditions are kept as Ideal as possible. Medasisa also offers a wide range of cocktails and is open from 10:00AM till late every day of the week. The charges are ten pounds for a whole weekday and fifteen pounds for the whole day on a weekend. Half day goes for six pound on a weekday.

Café Del Mar is also another pool found in Malta. The pool is just perfect for individuals that are looking to swim on the high end. The pool was established in 2013 and has been in the middle of a number of discussions over the years. It is found in St Paul’s Bay which is a rare occurrence for high end ventures. The area has two pools, one for adults and the other for kids. There is also an infinity pool that seems to seep into the Mediterranean Sea. The pool is considered to be one of the most stylish pools on the Island. The pool is open on a daily basis. The charges of the swimming pool range from fifteen pounds all the way to 120 euro’s. For those visiting Malta, you can be assured of the best quality services here.

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Pools in Malta:

  • Cafe del Mar – Buġibba
  • Kuya Beach – Sliema
  • The Reef Club at The Westin Dragonara Resort – St. Julian’s
  • The Palace infinity pool – Sliema
  • Surfside Lido – Sliema


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Maltese Wines

Wine is a major product of the Mediterranean region. Most people from this region will clearly state that a meal is never complete without wine. Maltese vintages are recognized worldwide and are award winning wines in various countries such as France, Italy and other parts of Europe. Some of the grape varieties recognized around the world that are grown here include Merlot, Syrah, Grenache, Chenin Blanc, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

These grapes that are grown on the Island are exposed to a hot and humid climate which are essential to their ripening. A lot of research has been conducted by wineries on the soil that the grapes are grown on to ensure that they meet world standards. For the wine and nightlife lovers, the Maltese islands would be an ideal location to take that vacation and have a taste of the heavenly wine that is produced here.