The iGaming industry has so much more to offer then just a great job

The gaming industry in Malta has seen a steady rise over the past couple of years. The growth in the industry can be attributed to the growth of revenue and the increase in the number of service providers in the market. A large number of businesses have relocated to Malta as a result of the growth that has been continually seen in the Maltese market. Employment in the country has also had a corresponding growth rate to the gaming industries. The growth of the employment figures can be attributed to a number of factors such as the number of players in the gaming industry and the services required to run a gaming firm. Firms in the advertising sector received a large amount of work due to the competition that is being viewed in the industry. Gaming firms are putting in a lot of investment in advertising so as have a competitive edge.

Europe has received the bulk of earnings from the gaming industry worldwide. It has a share of about 47% of the total profits. In Malta alone, 700 million pounds were earned through the gaming industry. The government has introduced a number of key incentives to ensure that these profits are continually earned and the trajectory to continue being upwards.

Tax exemptions have been implemented to ensure that Malta remains a desirable destination for firms wishing to expand their business into the country. The workers are also exempted from income tax and this makes sure that the firms attract a huge workforce that will be able to generate capital for the economy. The government has also implemented the double taxation relief to ensure that individuals do not suffer from double taxation.

The High Net Worth Individuals scheme has also been implemented in the country to ensure that people with a high income can take up residence in Malta. The government has placed a fixed rate of 15% tax for these individuals so that they can invest in the country. The scheme however does not cover the medical expenses of the individual because they have to prove that they have their own medical insurance cover. The global residence program has also been introduced by the government to ensure that the Maltese economy is boosted. The program is aimed at increasing the value of property in the country and hence making it desirable to the international community.

The policy aims at reducing the tax threshold required for the foreigners to a reasonable price. The policy also reduced the value of property that is required for a foreigner to own property in the country. This move will ensure that the international community is able to live and work in Malta without feeling like a foreigner. The coupling of these schemes and the strategies implemented by the government to boost the gaming sector will make Malta a preferred destination for many individuals.


Want to start working in the Igaming industry in Malta?

We would love to welcome you to get in touch with the company you’d like to work for. We are well connected and know our way around in Malta. It is important for you to be willing to move to Malta. Malta is a great place to live, work and have a wonderful life. It’s nightlife with many restaurants and events making it an easy place to spend your hard earned-cash. We have all experienced that.

A little info about the island

Malta is an island that is found in the Mediterranean Sea. It is made up of a number of islands. The island was a key figure in the struggle for power in the Mediterranean between Europeans, Africans and the Middle East. The Malta society is therefore an incorporation of the various powers that ruled the island. The island was seen as a strategic location during World War II for the Allied powers. After the war, the island was given the George Cross award which is given for great gallantry.

The people of Malta were recognized for their bravery in the war. The country gained its independence in 1964 from Britain and declared a republic ten years later in 1974. The island has a European atmosphere due to its close relation to southern Europe and Britain. Over the past couple of years Malta has experienced developments in its economy especially in terms of trade. The tourism industry is huge for the island. Due to the number of foreigners working there, the tourism has seen an even bigger boost since the people working in iGaming companies are bringing in friends and family.

The amount of casino’s on the casino is worth mentioning. Both land-based as online casino’s are to be found in large numbers on the island. Especially in the popular Paceville area, you can find at least 3 major casino’s offering a variety of casino games