Malta's nightlife

Check out the best spots on the island. Also have a look at the upcoming events!

Malta is well known for its sunny skies, and azure waters. Besides the outdoor activities, living in Malta has many to offer at night as well. The island is well endowed with a seriously good nightlife. The island has a wide array of nightclubs, bars, wine bars and restaurants where you will never be far from a good time. The island also plays host to a lot of festivals during the summer season as well as fewer festivals during the winter. Paceville is considered to be the main hub of nightlife which is also near to St. Julians. Bugibba, St. Paul’s Bay and Qawra are mainly comprised of bars, pubs and a few clubs. Valletta and Sliema are home to wine bars, bars and pubs while the outskirts of Rabat are home to the open air clubs during the summer months.


Paceville is the place to be when one wants to go out when in Malta. The town has the densest population of nightclubs, pubs and bars as compared to the other cities on the whole island. Havana is one of the most popular nightclubs in Paceville and it has six bars, and two dance floors. The prices of beer are reasonable because a pint of local beer only goes €3,00. Sky club is Malta’s largest indoor club and has the capacity to hold about 3400 people. The club is considered to be one of the best places to hold a concert or party when on the island. Saddles is a popular pub in the region of Paceville due to its cheap drinks suitable for starting off an evening of partying. Most clubs and bars in Paceville do not have an entrance fee unless there is a party or there is a special event being organized. The clubs are opened at around 9:30pm and closed at around 4:00 AM. It is advisable to visit one of the bars and get a drink before heading out for the party at the clubs because the party comes to life at around 11:00PM. The legal drinking age in the region is 18 years and hence in some cases you may be asked for some form of identification when going to a nightclub. Most of the clubs have security and there are also bouncers at the doors but it always good to take precaution because fights have been known to erupt between natives and foreigners. The clubs at Paceville are also widely known for overcrowding due to their popularity. Preferential treatment for entrance is given to women also.


Valletta is the capital of Malta and is eye catching during the day. However, the nightlife of the capital is something to behold. A walk through the Strada Stretta will give you a glimpse into the life of the city during the night. Some of the bars that would be recommended to try include Tico Tico which has a fancy décor and offers some really great cocktails. Loop bar is another bar with a 50s look and a vintage menu to go with it. Valetta is a more laid town as compared to Paceville which makes it a popular venue for a mature crowd mostly above 25 years of age. Getting to Valletta is quite easy because it is the capital of Malta so there is several ways to get there. One way to get to the capital is by taxi. Taxis are readily available for movement around the town at any given time. If you decide to take the car please keep in mind parking space is a major challenge because the parking spots are very limited in the city. Besides taking the car or a taxi, there’s many more modes of Transport like bikes, ferries and buses.

Annual Events

Malta is home to a worldwide even known as the Isle of MTV. The festival occurs once a year and has about 50000 attendants. Musicians such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas have taken part in this festival and is normally held at Floriana Granaries. The events is usually free of charge and there are no age limits for attending the festival. The party usually starts at 18:00 and ends at midnight. The event is normally held during June or July and transport is coordinated on that particular day.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival is an annual event and takes place at the end of April. The event is held to commemorate the joining of Malta into the European Union. The fireworks that are on display on this day are usually designed by foreign companies as well as the best local fireworks factories. The fireworks display is held at various points on the island. The event is public and hence no entrance fee is required.

The Malta jazz festival takes place in the month of July and boasts a lineup of the most talented Maltese artists. The festival presents an electric mix of jazz based on the current art scene. The fee for entrance is usually normal and discounts are offered for students as well as the elderly. Block ticket offers are also available for those that want to attend as a group.