Compare iGaming company benefits

We have created an overview to show you what benefits the iGaming companies have to offer to their employees. Discover the great benefits awaiting you for your next job! 

Companie party's, some even abroad are being organized on a regularly base by all Igaming companies

Annual sport allowances are provided by most companies, this can be used for the gym e.g.

Some of the companies are offering Yoga classes during office hours, a great way to relax

Breakfast, lunch, fruits, fresh juices are served FREE on a daily base in some of the Igaming companies

The guide for your next career move in igaming

Check out which companies are searching for YOU! See what available positions are there and don’t forget to compare the companie benefits!

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With 200 exhibitors, 170 sponsors and 100 start-ups this year, SiGMA has, once again, proved its reputation as the largest iGaming show in Malta.